Friday, December 7, 2018

Sam's Top 5 of 2018 #1


Past Love-Kimbra

You know in the 7+ years I've obsessed over this woman I have yet to ever put her atop my year end list starting with her guest spot with Gotye on the first list and into Vow's which in retrospect is a hell of a pop album but my writing around 2012 was at best the cringiest point of my life and 2014 a confusing mess of things as well as a surprisingly strong year in retrospect in terms of both the songs on that years list and the amount of effort I really put into this blog and over those years I've gone through a lot and done a lot of growing as a person in terms of where I've ended up in life and what I consider good music or writing but through all of this Kimbra has been an artist that I've consistently supported and enjoyed watching do her thing and this year not only did I get to see her again but she gifted me with something I didn't realize I've always wanted.

Kimbra made a fucking Doo-wop song and it is the best god damn thing EVER! If you look back on the earliest day's of this blog you'd know that since I started this I've grown an appreciation for old school Rhythm and Blues and the kind of simple yet clean way it presents what's at their core very simple songs that don't need to rely on complex song writing but rather the vocalist ability to properly emote feelings from the words through their performance and Kimbra being one of the most underrated vocalist in the game not only stood up to the plate but hit it beyond the stratosphere and has crafted what's truly an instant classic to be appreciated for decades to come in my humble opinion.

This is truly the only instance of ever hearing a song that I didn't know I needed in my life but now that it is I never EVER want to let it go. This is sorrow, regret, joy, and every which what emotion a song could possibly make you feel on top of a rhythm that's so tight, clean, and simple that it doesn't need any fancy effects what so ever just Kimbra's beautiful sultry delivery and a steady drum beat with some light baroque instrumentals near the end just to keep things just that extra bit of exceptional.

I fucking love this god damn song more than life itself people and I think Kimbra not only recorded the best song of her entire career here but she's honestly probably made the single greatest song of the decade and I'm sure I'll always have that sentiment for sure.

I didn't do a whole lot of going out this year and in terms of writing and inspiration through music I just haven't felt a god damn thing but for how long and important this all has been for me there's still moments that had to hit me and of all the things I've heard this tune hit me in a way that I truly can't recall having felt in quite some time and seeing her live from my tickets I won in a show that I'd literally waited years to have happen again only confirmed that this is one of those number one picks I'll never regret and in all honesty the only song I could put here no matter how good the rest of my picks really were.

That's the end of the year list I wasn't going to not post something on here and stay tuned for one more announcement later this month just before January of 2019 folks because it's maybe the most important thing I'll ever announce on here and I need everyone to be there.

It was quite wonderful to get to post on here again and this years song selections where quite the pleasure to post and listen to I'd like to take a second to thank everyone for reading, sticking around, sharing the post, and of course just generally being there don't have too much fun this holiday season and stay tuned for a HUGE announcement coming soon.


Thursday, December 6, 2018

Sam's Top 5 of 2018 #2


Modeling is Hard-Scruffy & The Janitors

You know we almost had a repeat of last year not gonna lie it was really fucking hard to not have any of the songs from 2018's hands down best album be number one but I'll get to that later because right now I have to talk about St. Joseph Missouri's finest Scruffy and the MOTHER FUCKING Janitors and this exceptional piece of music they released.

I've seen these guy's so many times in the past 2+ years that I got put in this album's liner notes which was absolutely insane but what's really crazy is how since this album dropped back in February I haven't stopped listening to it and in all seriousness it's maybe one of the best god damn albums I've heard in a long ass time every single song from beginning to end has been refined beyond perfection with a fine tooth comb and back after 4 long years of relentless touring, blood, sweat, tears, bottles of booze, and being the most hard working sons of bitches around you got 14 impossibly great tracks that showcase a band looking to truly showcase that they've grown exponentially in terms of their abilities as a group of musicians looking to spread the message of life through rock and roll and this song just barely stood above the rest in my book to do that.

From it's opening bass line, to the soaring wall of guitars and echo's of, “AH,”(Yes I know it's simple but fuck you it rules) you have a song that crawls into your head and demands you take notice of how fucking awesome it really is and the delivery of, “The more you talk about it, The More it Lingers on, I'm trying not to follow but you're coming in strong, now I'm Hanging out the Window, and reaching for the words that you said, and I can't figure out your head,” just hit's you in a way that you can't help but scream along to Steven Foster's voice just reaches a point in this track that's anything and everything you could ever really want in a 4 ½ minute rock song.

This band took all the momentum they had off Jonestown and delivered times infinity and this song is really something outstanding if you're hearing it out of your car, on your phone, in a shitty little dive bar, basement, or high end venue being played live this song fucking rules and it's something I think everybody needs to experience for the sake of all that's good in this world do it.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Sam's Top 5 of 2018 #3

Afterglow-Kid Computer

Do you like 90's alternative rock? Well I FUCKING DO and while I honestly didn't get too much into the Holiday's as a group I did have them perform at my house for their very last show and in the process of one thing coming to an end came this new group Kid Computer who just kind of entered 2018 in a similar place that they were before but with a brand new sense of motivation to prove themselves and what we have here is a song that did what very little seemed to do for me this year and that's really pull me in and make me want to listen to something new.

This song is a very 90's sounding college rock tune that's reminiscent of the Meat Puppets with a bit of Polaris thrown in to make it feel ever so slightly special George McMillian as young as he is does possess a sense of maturity in his performance of this song and the guitar work is some top notch feedback heavy air guitar ready stuff that I've literally had playing around in and out over the course of the whole year as I still try to think of just how something this good came seemingly out of nowhere.

What we have here is an example of a potentially great band to come so what we need to make that a thing is for all of you folks to go see them live, buy all the stuff they have to sell, and promote and rock out to this bad ass beast of a jam because in a day and age of traditional rock and roll falling by the waste side this song is a reminder of why in the fuck all you ever fell in love with that genre to begin with and these guy's are still on the up and up and as exceptional as I find this tune I can only think they're getting better it's just a matter of seeing where this afterglow takes them.

(note they didn't even play this song at this show in particular but fuck it they still ruled)

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Sam's Top 5 of 2018 #4


Other Team-The UK's

OK mother fuckers I have been waiting since...hold on let me check the poster on my wall real quick....April 23rd, 2016 the release show of their first album which they ironically ended up not headlining due to shenanigans we don't need to get too into at this very moment in time since they ended their set with that song I've been patiently waiting for them to record and release this god damn song and finally 2 years later and countless shows later they finally got around to self financing and recording a release for this song and NOW I CAN FINALLY FUCKING TALK ABOUT IT MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!

So if I'm going to be honest there's a juvenile quality to this track about the struggles of falling in love with a lesbian but you know what when you're heartbroken pettiness comes with the territory and when you manage to at the very least channel that into a very old school rocker of a tune with an insanely catchy hook and some pretty air guitar ready rifts you can't help but get hooked on that and it also kind of doesn't help that I was in a very salty place in my life when I first heard this song but we don't need to get too into that my overly self reflective posting day's aren't really a thing hardly anymore with the increased presence of online trolling and the ever decreasing mental conditioning of your average millenal we need healthy means of coping with our pent up aggression and if this blog was ever any indication of the fact that music has generally been mine then I don't honestly know what to say to all of you.

Yeah like time eventually great things come to ya and this song most certainly is an example of that because while this is a late release in the year it's something I've know was gonna be high on my list the second it's time came this song is an incredibly satisfying piece of aggression that doesn't come off as so petty it hurts but rather a bombastically aggressive and rocking cut for the lonley hearts club with a chorus that's both ready to sing and scream along with and some of this bands most aggressive instrumentals yet and I just love how they do this choir thing near the end of the song before just ending it in one giant bang.

This song is the UK's really finding a means of making something that lives up to the label of garage rock from it's bare boned production, simple but effective lyrics, and most importantly that pure unfiltered rocking instrumental to give a tune that after all these years still makes me scream YEAAAAAAH!

Also I may or may not have yelled, “It's about fucking time,” at the release show I can neither confirm nor deny that.

Picture below may or may not be from that show but I can garuntee it wasn't during this song...

Monday, December 3, 2018

Sam's Top 5 of 2018 #5

Well folks it's time to do this the top 5 tracks of the year as determined by yours truly and rather than to get too into details let's just get straight into today's choice with this pop infused bit of awesome:


Blacklight-Yes You Are

Do you like new wave?

Trick question you fucking love that stuff and if you need a good example of why but with modern production advances and touches of the general evolution of modern pop music to give you the cleanest most dance ready tune you're bound to get stuck in your head well do I have something for you in the form of the all mighty Yes You Are's exceptional cut Blacklight.

Kianna Alarid's powerful fucking vocals are on full effect in this little pop cut from her first uttering of, “Baby you look like a stranger,” to her just BOOMING delivery of this songs chorus she commands your attention in a way that not too many other people in this city can and this song is just one of many cuts they have that showcase their overwhelming sense of professionalism present that makes them stand out well and above a good chunk of their peers.

With a fancy new video and an EP on the horizon this group is looking to take the catchy well produced and focused gems of their previous work and crank them to 11 and dominate 2019 in a way that you won't be ready for but you know you'll be dancing the whole time especially if the tunes are this deliciously 80's sounding.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018



Friday, December 29, 2017

One Last announcement for 2017

Well that's it folks 2017 is about done and you all know my best cuts of the year and now with all of that behind I'm ready for the second planned announcement in regards to Sam's Song of the Day 2018 and what is that you may ask?

Well....after about 8 years of posting about the various songs, artist, albums, shows, and other things on my mind Sam's Song of the Day is coming to an end.

Yeah that's a crazy thought to think of and unlike a lot of other blog related things I'm not going anywhere bigger with this project I'm just going to be taking 2018 as a year off from this personal project of mine.

There's a variety of things on my mind to express to everybody but before I can get to telling you why I'm leaving this project I kind of need to express a certain level of gratification and thanks because this year was an odd one to me that kind of has felt like two complete halves of one bigger picture and in my own bits of dealing with a host of personal issues that have lead me to have to stop this project I feel that I need to give some thanks to the fine musical scene of one KCMO/K because while it's been a roller coaster for things I've managed to of been one lucky bastard when it comes to the overwhelming warm embrace of the local acts that I've been covering for the better part of 2 years from giving me insight to the year end list, sharing my post, telling me their appreciation for my kind words, and the occasional perk of some free product this town has been the best with a special shout out to The Record bar in particular for driving me out to see Yes You Are the day after Thanksgiving which gave me a level of gratuity that I honestly can't comprehend or properly vocalize.

Also this scene has given me the best god damn birthday parties a mother fucker could ever ask for, but even with all that warm embracing I'm a human with a complex set of emotions that I have to deal with and that's where this break is coming from.

I got issues personal, professional, and financial and about 3 plus years of unfortunate events has lead me to dip horribly in the quality of material I've pumped out on this website for the past few years and if the post numbers are any indication I seem to pretty confidently say that I need to stop for a while and learn about what made me love music again.

I'm not going to completely stop writing and Sam's Song of the Day isn't dead in the dirt I still have a Facebook page I'll be periodically posting on but the whole writing out opinion pieces thing will be taking a back seat as I spend the next year or so working on other projects and hopefully moving on to better ventures that stimulate my creative side a little bit more like maybe writing for somebody else, making the next great story, or hell the possibilities are endless at this point all I know for sure is I'm going to be doing something and throwing a Sam's Birthday Bash 3 SO STAY TUNED FOLKS.

It's been fun and it's been real folks but for me this project hasn't been productive and a break much needed so I can one day come crashing back in your life and show you what truly is the best song you'll ever hear but until that day comes I'll be a searching for it but until then here's the first song I ever posted about when I first started this on the Smashing Pumpkins forums all those years ago have a wonderful day folks.