Friday, December 29, 2017

One Last announcement for 2017

Well that's it folks 2017 is about done and you all know my best cuts of the year and now with all of that behind I'm ready for the second planned announcement in regards to Sam's Song of the Day 2018 and what is that you may ask?

Well....after about 8 years of posting about the various songs, artist, albums, shows, and other things on my mind Sam's Song of the Day is coming to an end.

Yeah that's a crazy thought to think of and unlike a lot of other blog related things I'm not going anywhere bigger with this project I'm just going to be taking 2018 as a year off from this personal project of mine.

There's a variety of things on my mind to express to everybody but before I can get to telling you why I'm leaving this project I kind of need to express a certain level of gratification and thanks because this year was an odd one to me that kind of has felt like two complete halves of one bigger picture and in my own bits of dealing with a host of personal issues that have lead me to have to stop this project I feel that I need to give some thanks to the fine musical scene of one KCMO/K because while it's been a roller coaster for things I've managed to of been one lucky bastard when it comes to the overwhelming warm embrace of the local acts that I've been covering for the better part of 2 years from giving me insight to the year end list, sharing my post, telling me their appreciation for my kind words, and the occasional perk of some free product this town has been the best with a special shout out to The Record bar in particular for driving me out to see Yes You Are the day after Thanksgiving which gave me a level of gratuity that I honestly can't comprehend or properly vocalize.

Also this scene has given me the best god damn birthday parties a mother fucker could ever ask for, but even with all that warm embracing I'm a human with a complex set of emotions that I have to deal with and that's where this break is coming from.

I got issues personal, professional, and financial and about 3 plus years of unfortunate events has lead me to dip horribly in the quality of material I've pumped out on this website for the past few years and if the post numbers are any indication I seem to pretty confidently say that I need to stop for a while and learn about what made me love music again.

I'm not going to completely stop writing and Sam's Song of the Day isn't dead in the dirt I still have a Facebook page I'll be periodically posting on but the whole writing out opinion pieces thing will be taking a back seat as I spend the next year or so working on other projects and hopefully moving on to better ventures that stimulate my creative side a little bit more like maybe writing for somebody else, making the next great story, or hell the possibilities are endless at this point all I know for sure is I'm going to be doing something and throwing a Sam's Birthday Bash 3 SO STAY TUNED FOLKS.

It's been fun and it's been real folks but for me this project hasn't been productive and a break much needed so I can one day come crashing back in your life and show you what truly is the best song you'll ever hear but until that day comes I'll be a searching for it but until then here's the first song I ever posted about when I first started this on the Smashing Pumpkins forums all those years ago have a wonderful day folks.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Sam's Top 5 WORST SONGS of 2017

SO 2017 is about in the fucking books and OH BUDDY what a fucking year it was I'd honestly go to say that the music released this year wasn't nearly of the horrid quality that I can recall last year being but in all honesty it was a year of complete and utter NOTHING....minus of course my year end list which was ONLY THE BEST plus a few songs here and there that I missed due to me not giving a single fuck all about the radio I figured fuck it, fuck this year, fuck the radio, and FUCK the following set of songs that I'm about to mention because I haven't really done much bashing on this little blog of mine because everybody's an asshole just look at our commander in cunt we have serving but you know since I haven't been getting fucked up once a week for the past few months and I have a variety of pent up frustrations that I'm not going to go TOO into I figure I'd post to you guy's my picks for the top 5 WORST songs of 2017 and as a bonus every time you see me use a profanity of some variety take a shot cause that's honestly the only way I could think of muscling through the string of cancerous noise I'm about to slog through as I listen to the following tunes and tell you just HOW FUCKING AWFUL THEY ARE so get your shot glasses ready cause we're all gonna get fucked up.

(Links to all the selected levels of awful are in the names of each of the selections for the off chance you'd want to subject yourself to this torture which I here at Sam's Song of the Day to not endorse nor do I take any responsibility for any loss of hearing, common sense, or desire to live)

No that's not a typo folks to start this list I'm just going to put down an “ARTIST” that I kind of wish would just like to you know just go away.

I can't lie the Florida Georgia line exist so music literally can't get any worse which is about the nicest thing I can say about this waste of sperm and egg that is the Tumblr post personified that is Halsey the most dull and lifeless waste of musical air in existence and for some odd reason dumb ass basic bitches seem to want to support this so called artist and her same old same old trying to hard to be meaningful but just coming off bitchy tunes that use the most boring ass Trap beats, paper thin lyrics, a voice that sounds like Lorde and Ellie Goulding decided to do the fusion dance but lose all personality, and complete lack of any real reason to honestly listen to any more than the amount of time it takes you to immediately change the radio station.

It's honestly saying something when the only decent thing's this person has done is 1. make a song that's only good because it sounds like the only good Lorde song in existence(Ghost it's a knock off of Tenis court and yes Lorde sucks get over it your music taste are shit if you disagree with me) and 2. just barely be the better vocalist on a Chainsmokers tune and beyond that I don't know why she's been blessed with the success she has.

I can't point out any tune in particular because just hearing her on any given track should be enough to signal that the track is shit and you really should change it and never have it rotated again because you're only supporting cancer and nobody wants to do that.

This song is the Donald Trump of pop music it succeeded tremendously even though we ALL KNOW it was a mistake against humanity and only now after it's damage has been done are we now realizing the mistake that was made.

Yet even with that being common knowledge only the most mentally devoid of any intelligence continue to support this garbage with some awkward preconceived notion that it's actually really good and  you only dislike it because of the fake liberal conspiracy brainwashing you to not follow the truest form of freedom which is the complete submission to the Conservative Christian agenda where all your personal rights should be taken away, your lifestyle demonized, you learn to hate brown folks, and you bow before a god that rules over all.......SORRY sorry I got a bit distracted there my inner conspiracy nut was coming through where were we again....OH yea this piece of fucking basic white bitch pumpkin spiced shit brew of a tune.

Ok let's be real here this song is every critics punching bag because it's a fairly ok first minute that immediately devolved into the mot obnoxious chorus that is a bit too similar to one hit wonders of the 90's that were never good even in a so bad it's good kind of way they were just always awful and I'm more than sure before we know it this song will be yet another Buzzfeed article of under appreciated tunes that were unjustly hated for their time to which at that time I'll still tell you that this song is garbage.

So if the last song was like Donald Trump I'd have to say that this song is what I'd assume the vast majority of Midwestern supporters of his head's sound like just the whitest of white trash nonsense.

I can't lie this piece of human filth may be a real genius because I've never heard an artist that knows their audience any better than this hillbilly fuck nut because for some odd reason I'll never understand why but Midwestern white folk fucking love this guy and his special brand of Hick Hop cultural decay and no song has managed to ever so successfully showcase why Country and Rap shouldn't ever be mixed....well the second most successful showcasing because again Florida Georgia please go die in a fucking plane crash you fucking asshole Line does still exist but god damn with the video included this song is an exceptionally perfect personification of why I personally think people hate cultural appropriation so much just to quote a person I know who is actually a fan of not only this guy's music but the genre he pioneered and coined as, “pure white trash.”

Yes sir let me tell you what I do believe this song is pure and utter white trash just some straight up no good garbage music by a garbage person who for some reason or another through used food stamps, dirty heroin needles, and chewing tobacco spit filled Budwiser cans like our commander in cuckhold is for some reason or another still famous and liked by a host of brainwashed Islam hating nitwits.


Ugh and the best part of all of this is that since I'm a nobody this cock knocker will never probably read what I have to say I mean I doubt he has the reading comprehension skills to really understand actual walls of text but hey even if that isn't the case he's the type of mother fucker that well to quote the man, “Don't give a flying hillbilly fuck!”

But with that in mind I do have to say one thing Robert Ritchie I've personally meet quite a few mother fuckers quite like you and I can honestly say you aren't anything special and if you didn't appeal to the lowest common denominator you'd be another junkie in a gutter pitching a fit at our government for making you pay your child support and not sending your food stamps on time eat a dick you white trash piece of shit.

Oh hey something I don't have to not so subtlety accidentally add my own personal politics when discuss....wait a minute....SO now that I'm actually listening to this sober I some shit to say about this glorified Melanie Martinez meet's Kids Bop track.

This song is utterly disgusting people it glorifies that creeptastic 33 cumming in 16 dude at the party that thinks he's hot shit cause he listens to shit music and fucks dumb ass teens that don't know any better than to like this guy that hooks them up with gutter well booze and weed so they can continue to feel some sense of rebellion.

They listen to this trap beat and lyrics about how they should go for a real mature man that, “Knows how to treat me,” when in all actually you're just easy pray for a human being that needs to grow up themselves and realize their a worthless piece of shit that should really re-evaluate their position in life and actually make a positive change because that kind of mentality isn't healthy to society in any way folks.

NOW if you can get past that ideological flaw in lyrical  presentation this song at it's core is just a pretty paint by the numbers Melanie Martinez track of edge lord lyrics performed by a Lolita who is trying too hard over a beat that to it's credit is a banger but a very one dimensional banger that does nothing more than to provide noise to get fucked up to.

This song compared to the whole of this list is about the closest to a so bad it's good kind of tune but once you really sit down and look at it the flaws are just too strong to really ignore and yet somehow it isn't the worst song of the year because OH I thought alright there's no way this band could do any worse right?!?!?

You know those articles that trash conservative shit posters write about how Millennials ruin everything well it's shit like this that's why those type of articles exist.

MY FUCKING GOD DAMN by allah almighty some how SOME FUCKING HOW a songwriter in a stuido somewhere thought, “You know what's romantic...stealing one's hoodie and you know what those young kids these day's like, they like to use hoodies as a metaphor for long lost love because it smells like their partner because most people don't ever wash them,” and now we have this fucking song, like it's outright total eclipse of the heart levels of cheesy and if I thought these guy's sounded like some Radio Disney Garbage to begin with this song outright is proof bar none that you may as well not even try.

Seriously look up the lyrics to this song before you ever listen to it and tell me that this doesn't just look like some parody song but no they're actually playing it for real this song is suppose to actually be a sentimental ballad of sorts and all the lines about chewing the strings and how there's cigarette burns all over the fabric are suppose to really bring a sense of emotional vulnerability that showcases a long lost love that never was to be that's no fucking joke.

The only way I could think of this actually being of any real quality is to get as fucked up as humanly possible I mean smoke ALLLLLLLLL THE WEED, drink ALLLLLLLLL the beer, and hell why not put some lean in that drink because this song is by far worse than any other song you've heard this year like it's so bad I literally compared 2 other artist on this list to Donald Trump and I still think this is worse this song is so awful it makes me want to go to my nearest mosque pledge my life to Allah and rid myself of all sin and western ideological beliefs because I'm pretty sure I need a reason to live now.




NAH I'm just fucking with you I'm probably going to just go play tetris and listen to music that doesn't make me want to give up on the world around me and type stupid shit on the internet, but yeah there ya go my picks of the worst songs of the year I hope you never listen to any of this garbage Happy new years and stay tuned for a special post from me on the 29th.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Sam's Top 10 of 2017 #1

1.Jonestown-Scruffy and the Janitors

St. Joseph Missouri's finest here from that opening drum part to the blast of guitar this is a simple song that is maybe the most effectively done thing I've heard all year and once you've seen them perform it in their hometown with a huge group of their closest followers singing along to their cry of, “I DON'T WANNA WAIT SO LONG!” this song just fucking hits ya right there in that special place to make you think that you just may very well be apart of something bigger than the sum of it's parts.

Jonestown is a tune that gives this feeling of being in a small place with a big dream a simple rocker that chugs along well and has a less brash and abrasive tone that was heavily present in their earlier songs and the lyrics while not too much to digest stick around in a way that not too many songs really do for me these day's and I seem to have a real fondness for the line, “Left my sister there,” I have absolutely no clue why but I really like that and the end where they simply say, “ah-ahh,” which trust me is absolutely mind blowing when a room of folks are joining in.

I've seen these guy's all around from the best venues in Kansas City, to their hometown, and my mother FUCKING HOUSE and this song every single god damn time leaves me screaming along louder and louder and louder as I think of all the nights of just blasting this song relentlessly while drinking beer after beer I'm reminded of a few years ago when I mentioned how I was forming the year end list with it in mind just what exactly was going to be number 1 and this year is just one of those years this song hands down top to bottom no questions asked is the best song of the year and whenever Scruffy eventually release that album I'll be blasting the ever loving fuck out of it you best believe that.

I got to talk with Scruffy's guitarist and he answered these questions for me:

So what is the inspirations behind Jonestown? 

The inspiration behind Jonestown is a cross between trying to get away from the life you have built and the legend of the Jonestown massacre. 

How was 2017 for you as a band in terms of the music you wrote, released, and the performances you gave? 

2017 was a turbulent year for us. This new album, Modeling is Hard, has been delayed again and again. It’s tearing us up inside to still not have it out yet. We shopped it to a bunch of labels but it didn’t work out, so we’re putting it out ourselves, which comes with a whole host of obstacles. We didn’t play a lot of shows this year but the ones we did were top notch. Our show with Archie Powell and the Exports and Radar State has to be one of the most fun shows we’ve ever played along with some house shows we threw in St. Joseph. 2017 was full of us recording. We finally hit that next stride. Our performances have gotten fuller. Our following seems to be getting more solid. It has been a “behind the scenes" year. 

What are your plans for 2018? 

Release. The. Fucking. Album. We have a music video for The Spins coming out soon, we can confidently say that the first show we play in St. Joseph in 2018 will be the “Modeling Is Hard” release show, and we hope to tour in the spring/summer. And work to get back in the limelight with the help of the new album! 

-Teriq Newton

 Every single person reading this now December 22nd 2017 whether it's by plains, trains, or automobiles needs to go to 619 E Felix St, St Joseph Missouri 64501 RIGHT THE FUCK NOW and see this song played live and while you're going there google the lyrics and memorize them and sing the fuck along because god fucking dam it will you then realize that this is by far the single best god damn song that came out this fucking year.

There are only a handful of tracks I can truly say that you need to see played live and this one from it's earliest stages at the new defunct Tank Room wayyyyyy back at the Momma's Boy Ep release show to today has evolved from a really solid jam to a fucking beast of a god damn tune and again:

619 E Felix St, St Joseph MO 64501

GO there TODAY! See this song live and realize that it's truly the fucking best.

Well that's it my year end best of list is officially wrapped up and now you my loyal readers know the only songs that matter and I'm glad to know that each of your lives is now better because of it and with that in mind stay tuned in the next day or 2 for my follow up list of the worst songs of the year as well as a special announcement on the 29th but until then happy holiday's from Sam's Song of the Day.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Sam's Top 10 of 2017 #2

2.Wonderful-The Sluts

LFK's Finest fuckers proving my old saying of great music being like bad sex over and done with in 2 and a half minutes or less and what we got here is the most oddly romantic 2 minutes and 17 seconds of music that I remember very drunkenly yelling at them to play the last time I remember seeing them play live and while I'm sure that may have annoyed them I'd like to let them know if they're reading this post that they've most certainly been incredibly wonderful to me by just simply pumping out this utterly exceptional bit of music that is one of the few instances of any true emotion being felt for me over the course of one emotionally draining and utterly unmotivated year of my life.

The Sluts you fucking rule, The Only One is a fucking excellent record, your live show is fucking mind blowing, and this god damn song is the second best fucking thing that ANYONE has released this year and for that I'm a hella chug the fuck out of a miller light in celebration of this exceptional song.

Wonderful is an all out blast of feedback heavy rock and roll that is quintessential to the tone that this band presents with some steady guitar and drum work that gives it a rapid fire pace and makes you want to move in a way that seems kind of counter intuitive to the lyrics of the tune which are simple as fuck but maybe one of the truest expressions of what one could possibly ask from any given blossoming relationship and this song truly has been just, “wonderful to me,” and it damn near was the single best tune of 2017 like this and number 1 are completely interchangeable in all honesty and this position in no way holds back this song because it may be the most appropriately titled thing you'll ever hear and that's for god damn sure.

I reached out to The Sluts in regards to this track and this is what they had to say:

Q: So what are the inspirations behind Wonderful?

A: I honestly don't remember what was going through my head when I wrote the lyrics for that. It's just been a long time since we wrote that one and I'm an avid drinker. I remember thinking that we needed a good up-tempo rock song. The other songs we wrote for that EP were kind of Sludgy or mid-tempo and laid back. Basically it's a song about having someone that is good to you and cares for you no matter how flawed you may be. Dover hates how positive it is. Again, I don't remember writing it but it could be some sort of subconscious ode to a past lover.

Q: How was 2017 for you as a band in terms of the music you wrote, released, and the performances you gave? What are your plans for 2018?

A: 2017 was arguably our best year as a band. It was the first year where we didn't dick around with touring at all. We finally realized that we are way more content to stay in the area, and play the venues that treat us like family when we come around. (i.e. Replay Lounge, Bottleneck, Granada, Riot Room) Dover's married, I had a long term girlfriend at the time, and going on the road just seemed like a chore to us. Dover's mantra has always been, "I don't ever want this to feel like a job," and I'm inclined to agree with him. So we tracked our new EP, 'Only One' with Joel Nanos at Element Recording and Mastering Studios in KC and only booked gigs that seemed like a real good time. In my opinion, it's our best sounding record. Joel is not fucking around. After the EP came out, the sweethearts at 96.5 The Buzz spun our single and even asked us to play Buzz Beach Ball. That is probably our biggest gig to date and we had a blast that day. I never thought in a million years when this band started that we'd be on stages that big. We truly are some luck basterds. We got to meet the Toadies and the Local H guys too. It was a crazy day I will never forget. As of now Dover and I are taking a few weeks off entirely to recharge our batteries a bit. We don't plan to book any shows until March or April. I'll do a few solo shows just to keep me sane though. We have about 4-5 new songs we need to straighten out a bit, but when they are ready, we will track another EP over the winter. It will hopefully be released in spring of 2018.

-Ryan Wise

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Sam's Top 10 of 2017 #3

3.Can you Deal?-Bleached

I love this band I've made that point very clear to both them in person and in my various social media accounts but in all honesty I've yet to see any group just grow so much in so little time as these gal's have and this song is just one example of how they've really become something more than a bunch of riotous punks kicking ass and taking names.

This song for me personally is an example of every single member of this band stepping up their game ten fold and pumping out a tune that's the most musically matured thing I think they possibly have recorded with a spectacular bass groove, some wickedly air guitar ready shredding, and a chorus that's an excellent showcasing of Jennifer Clavin REALLY becoming one of her own when you get the chance to see them play it live and just bring that energy up front you come to realize this song is absolutely exceptional in every conceivable way and this band and their continued musical growth and evolution is just mind blowing because this song is just such a god damn step up in every way.

Can You Feel is a steady little number more early 90's alternative rock in feel and tone with it's fairly nondescript intro into this steady guitar line with some echoing tones you're then blasted with a series of verses that are questions to the listener that I'm sure they get quite a bit before immediately dismissing them to blast into a chorus that's an unapologetic statement of feminimity and how they're musicians and curious if, “Can You Deal?” and, “Yeah It's Real,” really fucking bad ass and after looking up the lyrics I was left with a quote from Mrs. Clavin in regards to this track and it's importance to them:

Jennifer Clavin said in the Can You Deal? Zine:

Can You Deal? is for every girl out there who is sick of every male sound engineer telling them what they think is right for their guitar set up. Can You Deal? is for every girl who has been told that “girl bands are in right now” by an A&R guy. Can You Deal? is for any girl mulling over press photos, knowing their band will be picked apart for looks and not the actual music. Can You Deal? is for everyone who can please stop referring to my band as “female fronted” or “all girl band”. It is for everyone who can stop feigning surprise every time a woman plugs in and plays well, gets behind the drums, or has the sickest bass style. It is 2017. Can you deal yet?

(Lifted directly from:

So they're a band on a mission to be something more than just a girl group which is all cool in my book especially when the music is this bad ass.

If you get the chance see this band live, buy all their albums, and tell them how they're the best people ever because if they continue to make music this apologetically great they may just very well be the next punk rock deities people.


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Sam's Top 10 of 2017 #4

4.Heroin and Automobiles-Vigil and Thieves

You know I've gotten it pretty fucking well some times and if there's ever something that proved just how good life can be some times it'd probably be my birthday week because I got to see some performances that I'll never be able to truly comprehend and of all the songs I got the pleasure of not only getting to see played live and molded into something I actually got to have it played right in front of my face in my house which is fucking mind blowing.

(Yeah Yeah I know pics or it didn't happen so in that case HA here ya go fuckers!)

Vigils and Thieves are a band that I've covered over the past year plus and in that time I've seen them put on a multitude of great performances and seen the beginnings of a proper full length that I'm sure will be great and this song the first official piece of that project in comparison to their Never Land project is a real leap forward for them overall as a group with Sarah Storm giving a more restrained but effective vocal performance that effectively carries what's a fairly depressing tune about an individual who's life was tragically cut short.

“I Tried My BEST!” it's a line I very much screamed along with the second I finally knew what was being said and it's a thing I tell myself all the time just an simple sentence with a bunch of weight behind it because when you think about it that's all we can really do and that's what every local act that I cover on here and hope for the best is doing and in all honesty these guy's are one of the one's I really wish the best to come to because they're not only a great act they're also the best people who've really done things for me that I can't ever properly show my appreciation for.

This song is just fucking excellent bar none.

I was able to get with Sarah Storm of Vigil and Thieves to answer a few questions about this song and 2017 and this is what she had to say...

So what is the inspirations behind Heroin and Automobiles?

The loss of Anthony Saluto and Sam Watson kinda sunk me into a death obsessed spiral, and it was all I was writing about for awhile, still kind of do. I wanted to create something hopeful from it. I've known quite a few people who have passed from drug related causes or suicide and many of them were really young. It's hard to swallow reality sometimes and that song is about accepting yourself and carrying on despite the shitty way the world is.

What made you chose it as the first single for your upcoming album?

It has a relatable message, that you are worth something, and it's okay not to have it all together. Setting the tone for the mood and direction is important to us.

How was 2017 for you as a band in terms of the music you wrote, released, and the performances you gave?

Fucking rad! We got to play Midcoast Takeover at South by Southwest, we played Middle of the Map for the first time, did a tour, we played all the venues! It has been an awkward year considering we've been in limbo bass player wise. But we've written so many songs and really developed our tone. We've gotten a lot more political and a lot more passionate. I'm in love with where this album is going and
I can't wait to share it with everyone!

-Sarah Storm

Monday, December 18, 2017

Sam's Top 10 of 2017 #5

5.Be Good Boy-Momma's Boy

I can not lie I am pretty sure this may very well be my most listened to track of the whole year hands down no questions asked and the fact that I spent most of last year seeing them play it live over and over again obviously didn't play any part in that at all.........OK we all know that's a fucking lie but STILL this band may very well be the best in KC because to say they've improved in 12 months is the understatement of a century.

Top to bottom, track to track, show after show this band took all the momentum last year gave them and maybe a certain number 1 listing to heart and managed to crank out an EP that's just so fucking good, but all of those praises are irrelevant because we're talking about Be Good Boy here and before I get into explaining why this song is great I kind of feel like retelling you guy's a little story as to why this song has stuck with me so much.

So be me some time last year somewhere in the middle of Kansas in this house at maybe the coolest fucking thing ever in the form of this annual house show this band threw called Manor Fest watching them shred through a set so awesome that their guitarist Shaun Crowley's replacement guitars kept fucking up on him to a point where he got so pissed off that he went back to his original guitar to finish the song and in to light a cigarette to help calm down his aggression and as he stood there with a cigarette hanging from his mouth he sang the line, “I see you smoking a cigarette,” which to me was the most fucking bad ass thing ever if not the most random way to remember a track and as they performed it show after show I kept getting that line stuck in my head to a point where I got other folks stuck singing that line with me because I'm a dick and kept repeating it over and over again kind of like once this song finally got released I listened to the unholy fuck out of it and that's were we are today with it's placement on this list.

What we got here is this swirling bit of surf rock bad assery that's insainly catchy, blisteringly played, and just loaded with moments of utter awesomeness that you can't help but be captivated by it's pounding nature and the midpoint of the song where we get this awesome bass solo and these dueling guitar parts before a moment of silence that makes me want to just yell YEAH every time it comes up before getting blasted with an outro of everyone jumping into the pool at once you have something that sticks with you and leaves everyone dancing jumping around and wanting more and more and more.

God damn it momma's boy fucking rule.